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As a steadily growing site, we would like to offer advertisements or any other form of partnerships on our website. Since our inception on September 29, 2022, we have tracked over 5000 users on our site, with daily user numbers steadily increasing. Please note that we have numerous ongoing projects aimed at improving our site even further. At 'CSGamblefinder,' our goal is simple: to become the best and most impartial gambling site index in the world!

What we offer :

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Higher Position on our Page

Typically, upon entering our site, the most clicks are generated from the first two rows. This occurs because users often assume these are the best sites. However, it's important to note that our current site listing is based on popularity rather than ratings. (For ratings, we provide individual reviews on a subpage.)

Therefore, we offer site owners the opportunity to purchase a higher position for their site. The higher the row, the higher the price. Payments will be scheduled monthly.

Current pricing* is as follows:


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First Row : 20€ / Month (3/4 Available)
* Prices are subject to change in the future due to the rapid growth of our site.

Custom Deals

If you are a site owner and have another advertising suggestion, you are always welcome to write us an email at!
We love to consider custom ideas, but please keep in mind that we would never promote a scam site or allow a site to pay for a favorable review. Our reviews will always remain neutral, regardless of circumstances. Additionally, we do not promote anything off-topic that is not directly related to our site.