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CS2 Blackjack Site
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500Casino is a premium CS2 Gambling site with lots of game modes, including Blackjack!
Blackjack, Casino, Coinflip, Roulette, ...
CSGOPolygon, also known as PLGRUBet, is a prominent CS2 gambling platform featuring its own cryptocurrency.
Blackjack, Coinflip, Crash, Roulette, ...
Duelbits is a high-quality Counter-Strike 2 betting site with a well-designed interface and a Live Casino mode.
Blackjack, Casino, Crash, Roulette, ...
Rollbit is a large CS2 casino betting platform offering a variety of modes to explore and try out.
Blackjack, Casino, Crash, Roulette, ...

CS2 Blackjack Sites explained

CS2 Blackjack is a lesser-known game mode in CS2 gambling. On our 'CS2 Gambling' subpage, you can explore various CS2 gambling game modes.

Learn more about Counter Strike 2 Blackjack Sites

Counter Strike 2 Blackjack Sites are not that famous anymore, however most sites still offer the CS2 Blackjack Gamemode. Blackjack is a game where most people usually think of a real casino in Vegas - But in this scenario we play it with CS2 and CS:GO skins!
To start let us introduce you to the game Blackjack.
Blackjack is a famous card game that’s based on the idea that every different card has it’s own value. Every card with a number on it equals the cards value. So basically a One is always worth 1, seven is 7 and so on up to ten. The color doesn't matter in blackjack neither doesn’t matter if it is the ten of hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs. The value of a ten is always 10. However, the face cards (King, Queen and Jack) always have the value 10. Furthermore, the aces also have a special function in Blackjack. They are either valued at 11 or valued at 1, depending on what value is best for you in the ongoing game. The whole idea behind Blackjack is to get as close to the number 21 as possible. This means that if you get a 10 and an ace for example, you hit a Blackjack. 21 is the best possible hand you can have in the game. If you hit 21 with your first cards, it is called Blackjack. You can also get a face card and an ace, that’s a Blackjack too. If you manage to get a Blackjack you automatically win and get paid out 3/2. For a $20 bet you would win $30. Let’s say you only get an 8 + 8. If the card dealer gets more than 16 total now, you lose. You could “hit” which means that you demand another card. However, it is really stupid to hit on a 16, because you would need a 5 or lower. Everything over 5 would mean that you would bust. “Bust” basically means getting more than 21, which means that you lose your bet too.

How does CS2 Blackjack work with CS2 Skins?

Usually, everything worked fine using CS:GO and CS2 skins, but since Valve implemented the trade ban update, many small gambling sites had to close down. One example is "" - an old-school site featuring only the Blackjack game mode, and it worked quite well.
In 2022, CS2 and CSGO gambling sites started offering real-time live stream Blackjack. This means you can join a livestream, place your bets on a live table, and play against the dealer. The cards are drawn right in front of your eyes, ensuring there's no cheating or anything suspicious going on.
The best part is that you can still deposit your CS skins onto the listed sites and then bet with your skins in the form of coins! Typically, the betting limits range from $5 to $10,000, so there's something for everyone!