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CS2 Plinko Site
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CSGORoll, the gambling giant that offers lots of thrilling gamemodes including the Plinko game!
Cases, Betting, Coinflip, Plinko, ... is a well designed and newly released Counter Strike 2 Gambling Site that also includes Plinko. 
Coinflip, Crash, Plinko, Roulette, ...
500.Casino is a long time active CS2 Gambling site, including the brand new Plinko game mode!
Casino, Coinflip, Plinko, Roulette, ...
Duelbits ensures endless fun by being a CS2 Gambling site with and uncountable amount of different games.
Betting, Casino, Plinko, Roulette, ...
Rustix is a Gambling site designed for Counter Strike 2 and Rust that includes the Plinko game mode!
Coinflip, Crash, Dice, Plinko, ...

CS2 Plinko Sites explained

CSGO Plinko, now CS2 Plinko, is a new gamemode that has recently been introduced to both CSGO and CS2 Gambling Sites. In our CS2 Plinko Sites List, you can find the best Plinko Sites handpicked by our Gambling Experts.
Plinko is a classic game that many people may have seen in real casinos. However, it finally made its way to CS:GO in early 2022 and now to CS2. Plinko is a simple game where contestants take circular chips and slide them down a board with rows of pegs. The chip eventually comes to rest in a slot at the bottom of the board. (See the image below for reference.)

Learn more about Counter Strike 2 Plinko Sites

On the Counter Strike 2 mode of Plinko, you have the flexibility to configure the bets according to your preferences. For instance, on CSGORoll, you can adjust the number of rows and the risk of the payouts to suit your needs.
You can choose from 8 to 16 rows and select from 3 different modes for payout risks.

What are the odds of winning on CS2 Plinko Sites?

We calculated the odds for the riskiest, medium and safest table.
Just to remind you what settings are chose for all modes:
Riskiest - 16 Rows and Payout Risk set to "HIGH"
Medium - 16 Rows and Payout Risk set to "MEDIUM"
Safest - 16 Rows and Payout Risk set to "LOW"

Would You Recommend CS2 Plinko?

CS2 Plinko is an exciting new gamemode; however, it's not the biggest profit maker for us. While it's fun for high-risk players with the possibility of landing a big hit at x1030, such outcomes are nearly impossible to achieve. Therefore, when betting, it's advisable not to go for such high-risk bets.
Our favorite gamemode remains Sports Betting because it's the only mode where you can still research and analyze your bets, which can improve your chances of success.

Will CSGO Plinko Sites still be working after the CS2 Update?

Yes, since the release of Counter Strike 2 has no impact on Steam Trades, this change will not affect anything at all. CSGO Plinko Sites will simply convert to CS2 Plinko Sites without any disruption.