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Best IRL Gambling Sites for 2024


HypeDrop is a brand new Case Opening website. You can open cases that contain IRL items like cars, clothing, phones and watches and ship them directly to your home.
Use the code "bug" to receive a free case to unbox!


Hybe is a big IRL Case Opening Site. Users can unbox cases to get cool IRL Items which can be shipped directly to their homes. Case Battles Mode is also included.
Use code "Gamblefinder" to get 3 free cases!


Royalecases is a relatively new IRL Items Gambling Site. The Site offers Case Unboxing and Case Battles. The won items can be sent as a physical gift or cashed out immediately!
Use the code "Gamblefinder" to get a +5% deposit bonus!

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What exactly are IRL Gambling Sites?

Gambling with IRL Items is a way of wagering or betting money on certain outcomes in casino games like Case Opening, Roulette, Slots, Minesweeper and more.. . The difference is that the won outcome is based in IRL Items, that can be shipped directly to the players home. IRL Items are just physical rewards such as a pair of Jordans or a PS5. Since last years the hype about IRL Gambling Sites began. To give a bright overview of all the existing IRL Gambling Sites out there, we created CSGamblefinder, to find all the various IRL Items Gambling sites out there!


Are IRL Gambling Sites legal?

Yes, IRL Gambling is allowed, of course as long as the person is over 18 years old. We are still not a lawyer, so check the Terms of service of the gambling site that you want to gamble on before you deposit any funds.

Are IRL Items Gambling sites rigged?

Some IRL Gambling Sites are rigged and they could steal your deposited money. However, most sites as of now use a provably fair system, which means that they are not able to manipulate the outcome of your bets. Furthermore, we always check the sites listed on our site to ensure safety for our beloved users! The number of scamming sites has decreased in the past, however there are still some existing shady sites.

How does withdraw and deposit work on IRL Gambling sites?

To get funds on the site you just have to pick one of the available payment methods and just simply deposit money. For withdrawals users just have to fill in their full address, then double check it again. And after that the items can be withdrawed and will be sent directly to the users home. The ongoing withdrawals will of course get a tracking link as proof for the user, that the item has been sent successfully.

IRL Gambling all Game Modes

IRL Case Opening

In pretty simple words explained, users have different cases to choose from and just open them and they will get an item out of the box. Sometimes an item worth more than the case and sometimes an item worth less than the case. Users can also see, what is inside the case and also see the possible percentage of getting a good outcome.

IRL Upgrade

This gamemode is pretty simple. Users have to select an item that they want to get, then select their winning percentage and try their luck. If you win you will get the selected item, if you lose, you will lose all your wagered money.