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Rust Case Opening Site
Description of the Site
Gamemodes and Personal Rating
Hellcase is one of the largest existing Rust Case Opening Sites with lots of exciting game modes!
Case Opening, Case Battle, Upgrade, ...
Banditcamp is a unique Rust Gambling Site, where users can play lots of PvP and PvE gamemodes!
Case Opening, Case Battle, Beancan Blast, ...
Rustcasino is a newly released Rust Case Opening site with a bright variety of game modes.
Case Opening, Case Battle, Coinflip, ...
Rustclash, a Rust Gambling site from the owners of the famous CS2 Gambling Site "".
Case Opening, Case Battle, Roulette, ...
Ruststake is a large Rust Gambling Site with many thrilling gamemodes and exciting features.
Case Opening, Coinflip, Minesweeper, ...
Rustmoment is a Rust Case Unboxing website that also includes a lot of other game modes and features!
Case Opening, Case Battle, Coinflip, ...
Skinbet, a thrilling Case Unboxing website designed for Rust, including support for CS2 and Dota 2 items.
Case Opening, Coinflip, Jackpot, Plinko, ...
Rustix is a newly released Rust Case Opening site with many different game modes to explore.
Case Opening, Coinflip, Dice, ...
Rockethub is a newly launched Case Opening Site for Rust, including Case Battles, Upgrade and Wheel.
Case Opening, Case Battle, Upgrade, Wheel
Rustcases is a small Rust Case Unboxing site featuring the Case Battles mode to challenge friends.
Case Opening, Case Battle, Upgrade
Rustcase is a small Rust Case Opening site, where users can unbox cases or try their luck in the skin upgrader.
Case Opening, Case Battle, Upgrade
GGRust is a large Rust Case Opening Site, made from the same owners of the CS2 Case site GGDrop.
Case Opening, Contract, Upgrade

Rust Case Opening Sites explained

Case Opening Sites for the game Rust offer an enhanced version of the existing in-game Case Opening System. Let's delve into the advantages and disadvantages:
+ The odds of making a profit are slightly higher.
+ You don't need to purchase a Barrel or Case to open the case.
+ You can select from various cases and even obtain high-tier skins.

You need to deposit real money or Rust skins to unbox cases.
There is a risk of being scammed if you don't utilize trusted sites.

Find the right Rust Case Unboxing Sites

To help you find the best Rust case opening site, we have compiled a list of our top picks, ranked by our gambling experts at Just choose the site that appeals to you most.

Rust Cases in-game

As mentioned earlier, rust case unboxing sites were created with the goal of having better drop rates than the in-game system. However, Rust barrel opening is still popular and more convenient for some people, as they can sell the skins they unbox directly on the Steam Marketplace.
However, there are two negative aspects to Rust's case opening system. First, you must always purchase the case you wish to open. Second, the chances of getting a good drop are very low, making it nearly impossible to unbox a skin from a case.
To summarize, the pros and cons of Rust barrel opening are as follows:

+ Convenient
+ Can sell skins directly on the Steam Marketplace
- Must purchase the case you wish to open
- Very low chances of getting a good drop
Ultimately, the decision of whether to open cases in Rust or on a third-party case opening site is up to the individual player.

Are Rust Case Opening Sites legal?

Yes, Rust case opening sites are generally legal to use, but some countries have banned them because they classify case opening as gambling, since it is still based on luck. Therefore, it is important to check the laws of your country before using a case opening site.
To make sure the site you are using is trusted, you can:
1. Read Trustpilot reviews
2. Google the site's reputation
3. Read the terms of service
4. Find out more about the responsible company
If you cannot find any information about the company that owns the site, it is likely a scam. Gambling sites are also required to have an imprint, terms of service, and a privacy policy.

Why should I open Rust Cases on a website?

Opening Rust cases is a risky endeavor, as the average return is only 40-50% of the cost of opening the case. However, some users may still find it to be an enjoyable experience, as the prices of skins can fluctuate and there is always the chance of getting a valuable skin.
Rust case opening sites offer a better chance of getting a desirable skin, as they typically have custom cases with higher drop rates. However, it is important to remember that gambling is addictive and should be done responsibly.